Kids Art Zone Philosophy and Lessons

Kids Art Zone classes provide children with the opportunity to be creative in an encouraging environment. Children usually do a stand alone art activity each week. This ensures engagement and presents them with maximum opportunities for success.


Visual art is an exciting platform for expanding children's knowledge, skills and confidence as they express their creativity. Children are presented with various media and are taught skills specific to the use of each medium in Kids Art Zone classes. Each weekly project features one or more elements of art such as line, tone, colour etc. Project themes are drawn from world cultures, past and present, well known and not so well known artists, celebrations and special events. Children's interests are also taken into account in the planning process. Provision is made for students to undertake longer projects when they are cognitively ready and demonstrate an interest in sustained art projects.


Creating art allows children to express themselves, observe and make sense of their world, become persistent, take risks trying new ways of working, learn to reflect on their work and share it with others. 


Black Forest Primary School - 679 South Road Black Forest SA 5035

Phone: 0401 749 466


Current Class Schedule


Black Forest Primary School

Tuesday 3:30 to 5:00 pm

Friday 3:30 to 5:00 pm