Current classes are designed for children aged between 7 and 12 years of age. 

Older students can be accommodated by negotaition.

Registration forms are to be completed and submitted before attending.

Enrolment means a commitment for the term. Refunds are not provided.

Casual students can be accommodated with 24 hours notice if a spot is available.



Term payment is required. Pay as you go is no longer available.

Fees vary according to the number of weeks in each school term.

They are based on $20 per lesson eg; eight weeks = $160.



Electronic Funds Transfer-details will be provided upon enrollment.

Reference with your child's name.



           Classes are run during SA public school terms. 

     The number of lessons depends on term length.

     They are one and a half hours in duration.

     Most projects can be completed in the lesson. Some projects will take two lessons.

     Some students may take longer to complete a one lesson project and will usually have time to complete it the following week. This may mean they will not do the next project.


     Makeup lessons can be booked for the alternative class.

     Alternatively, your child can bring a friend to another lesson to use the missed lesson.

     The spot must be booked and a registration form completed for the friend.

     Credits for missed lessons will not be available for the next term.

     Lessons affected by school closure or pupil free days will be credited for the next term. Every effort will be made to avoid this. Please be aware I do not get school emails.


     Kids Art Zone expects children to behave sensibly, apply themselves to lesson tasks and be respectful of others, facilities and supplies. Kids Art Zone reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel the enrolment of children who present a disciplinary concern or are disruptive to other students and their learning. 



          Immediately after school at Black Forest Primary School.



         Prompt collection of children is expected. Please arrive a minimum of 5 minutes early.

          If someone other than a parent or guardian is collecting a child the teacher must be informed of the change in arrangements before the class begins.


     Cleaning up

     Each child is responsible for caring for materials and tidying up. Please ensure your child has cleaned his or her work area and put away materials before leaving the class.



     Kids Art Zone provides all materials for children's classes. An occasional request may be made for recyclable items such as magazines, cardboard boxes etc.



          Art can be messy. Children are required to wear clothes that are not precious or to wear a smock. Smocks are not provided.



Kids Art Zone takes photographs of children's artwork and from time to time of children displaying their art work for promotional purposes on the website and social media. If you do not want your child's image used on the website or social media platforms please advise Kids Art Zone when registering.


Personal Property

Please leave valuable items at home. Kids Art Zone is not liable for any loss of such property.


Lost or damaged artwork

Most art work will be taken home by children on the day. Some artwork may need to be completed the following lesson or may be left to dry. Children are expected to label their artwork with their name and lesson session for easy identification. Artwork can only be returned to students if labelled. Work not labelled with a name/collected/claimed by the last lesson of term will be removed.



Black Forest Primary School - 679 South Road Black Forest SA 5035

Phone: 0401 749 466


Current Class Schedule


Black Forest Primary School

Tuesday 3:30 to 5:00 pm

Friday 3:30 to 5:00 pm