Tuesday 17 and Friday 20 October

Banyan Tree


Artists use positive and negative space to create their artworks. In this lesson, you will be guided to outline the positive shape of a banyan tree, colour the negative spaces and finish the artwork by painting the tree form in black. The elements of art that you will apply in this lesson are line, shape, and colour.


Tuesday 24 and Friday 27 October

Day of the Dead



Halloween coincides with various cultural celebrations. One of these is the Mexican celebration, Day of the Dead, when Mexicans remember family members who have passed. This is a colourful time with one of the items that are specially made for the celebration being decorated sugar skulls. You will be taught how to draw a skull that you can decorate with vibrantly coloured flowers and patterns. Line, shape, colour and pattern will be the elements that you will use in this lesson.


Tuesday 31 October and Friday 3 November

The Three Parts of Landscapes


Landscape and still-life artists apply the concepts of foreground, middle ground and background to create different planes. These planes provide the illusion of depth or space on flat surfaces. You will use these three concepts to create an artwork with a difference.



WEEKS 4 & 5

Tuesday 7 and Friday 10 November

Tuesday 14 and 17 November

Sandra Silberzweig Style Faces



Contemporary artist, Sandra Silberzweig creates vibrant patterned abstract artworks. You will view her artworks to identify the characteristics of her work before drawing your own face in her style. Some of the elements that you will use are line, pattern, shape, colour and value. 


Tuesday 21 and Friday 24 November

Christmas Themed Canvas Paintng

During this guided painting lesson you will be shown step by step how to use acrylic paints to make a keepsake Christmas themed canvas. You will be developing brush work and colour mixing skills as you work with the elements of colour and shape.


Tuesday 28 November and Friday 1 December



Cheryl Cochran’s pigeons will be the inspiration for your artwork today. We will discuss shape, colour, and value and look at how Cheryl captures the various gestures of these birds. You will work with values, tints and shades to paint your pigeons.


Tuesday 5 and Friday 8 December 

This is the last class for the Friday class

One-Point Perspective


During this guided drawing lesson, you will draw several simple one-point perspective sketches. One of your sketches will be selected for today’s project. You will use Sharpies and watercolours for your artwork.


Tuesday 12 December

This is the final class for the Tuesday class

Paper Relief Sculpture


American artist, Charles McGee, is known for his various patterned sculptures. You will be guided to draw, decorate and construct your own relief sculpture in McGee’s style.

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