Paint and value

This lesson was drawn from Trees in Gradation by arteascuola. To ensure that the children had an understanding of what tints are and how to make them the class did an introductory exercise on mixing tints. It is always exciting for me to observe the children's sense of wonder as they discover that they can create a range of colours using just white and one colour.

Once all the children demonstrated that they understood how to create tints I demonstrated how to paint the trees making the branches split and become thinner further from the trunk.

To paint the trees the children followed these steps:

  • mix what will be the lightest tint for the background trees
  • paint the background trees
  • add colour to the tint to make it a mid tone
  • use this mid tone to paint the middle ground trees
  • finish by painting the  foreground line of trees using the colour without any mixing.

Once they completed the daylight value piece the students did the same on black paper. Only this time they reversed the sequence of the colours starting with the un-mixed colour for the back and finishig with the lightest tint for the foreground trees.

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