Easter Chickens

The children in my classes always love to activities related to special events like Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc. This year I was watching the Better Homes and Gardens Easter themed episode and was impressed with their children's Easter activity. The presenter had children make felt chickens with pipe cleaner feet and legs that were placed in dishes filled with coconut fibre. I loved the idea but had to adapt it to the materials I had available. It was also necessary to simplify the process to avoid the frustration of trying to make feet and legs that wouldn't be seen anyway.


  • paper or plastic plates
  • coloured card
  • scrap booking papers
  • shredded magazine paper
  • glue sticks
  • contact paper
  • sticky tape or masking tape
  • pencils
  • chicken templates large and small
  • wing templates


  • Children select papers and card
  • Discuss where to place the template to ensure economic use of paper so off cuts can be used for wings, combs and wattles
  • Fold paper or card and trace around the template
  • Cut the chicken shape through both papers
  • Glue together
  • Cut two wings from different paper
  • Glue the wings on each side
  • Add combs and wattles to each side
  • Draw the beak and eyes on each side
  • Repeat to make one or two more chickens
  • Fold contact paper into a circle sticky side out and adhere to the plate
  • Place shredded paper onto the top
  • Position chickens on the shredded paper and stick in place with tape
  • Add more shredded paper to hide the tape.

Final step:

Place one or two Easter eggs in each child's completed chicken nest.

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