Dragon Embossing

Each year my art class does a Chinese New Year activity. The children learn a little about the richness of this festive time of year for the Chinese and create something related to the celebrations. This year the class made dragon faces using thick foil. a blunt pencil used for embossing the design and permanent Sharpies to add colour. The students were delighted with the process and their completed pieces that had crepe paper streamers attached for their dragons' beards. 

I guided the students with the drawing of the dragon face on paper to start. They were encouraged to add further details if they wished to. Once the students were satisfied with their dragons they traced the outlines onto their foil. the soft place mats underneath assisted the embossing. The next steps were colouring, cutting out the shape, drawing and cutting out a mane shape from coloured card, gluing the dragon face to the mane adding the streamers and finally gluing the dragon to black paper.

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