•   Classes are designed for children aged between 7 and 12 years of age.
  •  Registration forms are to be completed and submitted before attending.
  •  Enrollment means a commitment for the term.
  •  Casual students can be accommodated with 24 hours notice if a spot is available.
  • Fees
  • Fees depend on the venue hire fees. 
  • Please discuss current fees with the teacher
  •  Payments
  •      Electronic Funds Transfer details will be provided upon request.
  •   Weekly or term payments



·         Classes are run during SA public school terms.

·         Make-up lessons are limited to two per term. As other classes are unavailable at this time at your venue, children can bring a sibling or friend for the make-up lesson. Prior notification is required. Please discuss with the teacher whether attending the alternative venue can be an option for make up lessons.



·         5 minutes before the lesson is to start, Church of the Trinity. Immediately after school at Black Forest Primary School. 

·         Children are to sign in upon arrival

·         If someone other than a parent or guardian is collecting a child the teacher must be informed of the change in arrangements.

·         To ensure security, doors at the Church of the Trinity location will be locked for the lesson and unlocked 5 minutes before the end of the lesson when the facility is only being used by the art class.



·         Prompt collection of children is expected. Late collection is an exception.

·         An additional fee may be charged.


     Cleaning up

     Each child is responsible for caring for materials and tidying up. Please ensure your child has cleaned his or her work area and put away materials before leaving the class.



·         Art can be messy. Children are required to wear clothes that are not precious or to wear a smock. Smocks are not provided.



·         Children’s art work may be photographed for future advertising and promotion by Kids Art Zone. Please indicate whether you do not wish to have your child’s work photographed.