TERM 4, 2014 PROGRAM  

Clarence Park Program


Week 1 

Learn about Paul Klee and draw your own castle using shapes in the style of this artist. This is a lesson with a twist ensuring a stunning outcome for all.


Week 2

Draw an abstract design using organic and geometric lines. Once the design is coloured in your favourite colours use it to create a collage.


Week 3

Work with tone to shade a sphere and make it appear 3-dimensional before using your shading skills to create a camouflaged fish. 


Week 4

Learn one method that artists use to show distance on a flat surface as you create a seascape.


Week 5

Make two pieces of art in the style of Mondrian, one using primary colours the other using secondary colours.


Week 6

Explore pattern and texture as you emboss foil and carry the design onto the paper surrounding your foil.


Week 7

Make a 3-dimensional paper fruit decorated to show the elements of art you have worked with this term.


Week 8

Decorate a porcelain plate for yourself or for someone special. Make a Christmas tree decoration.


No class is scheduled for Saturday 18/11/14 due to the Christmas Pageant