Week 1 - Shading Forms

Transform shapes into forms as you learn how to draw and shade cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres. You will make your own value scale to help you shade your forms. Apply this knowledge and your new skills to draw a layered cake. This week you will work with the art elements of shape, form, value as you develop your drawing, shading and blending skills.


Week 2 - Abstract Trees

Trees come in many forms in nature as well as in artworks. Today you will create an abstract geometric tree that you will colour using colour theory knowledge. The class will discuss and look at colour theory during the lesson. You will show your finished piece to the class and explain what colours you have used according to colour theory. The elements of art covered in this lesson will be line, shape and colour. The role of positive and negative space will also be considered during the lesson. This will be a good opportunity for you to work on ruling and colouring skills.


Week 3 - African Mask Collage

Masks feature in the traditions of many African cultures. In this lesson you will make a collage in the style of an African mask. You will mount the mask on a background with a border that you have printed earlier. In this lesson you will work with the shape, colour, symmetry, collage, pattern, printing and facial proportions.


Week 4 - Modigliani Portraits

Italian artist, Modigliani, developed a distinctive portrait style influenced by African masks. You will identify how his portraits are similar or different from the masks of Africa before drawing a portrait of a classmate in the style of this artist. You will again work with facial proportions, shape, line, colour, shading and blending, consolidating understandings and skills presented in earlier lessons.


Week 5 - An Australian Bird

In Australia we have a wonderful variety of birds and many accomplished artists who paint draw and photograph them. You will look at some of the stunning work of Adelaide's award winning wildlife artist, Christopher Pope. You will learn about the brightly coloured Superb Blue Fairy Wren found in South Australian bushland. You will do some small pencil sketches of the wren before doing one or two colour pieces of this bird. The emphasis in this lesson will be on the art elements of line, shape, form, texture and colour.


Week 6 - Amagraphs

Bring your concentration to this step by step lesson. You will be guided to make an amagraph in colours that pop! As Father's Day is just around the corner this will make a great gift. Shape, colour, and listening will feature strongly in this lesson.


Week 7 - Playing Card Design

Playing cards can be taken for granted as they are very common. In fact playing cards have evolved for centuries to become brilliantly streamlined in design for the function they perform. During this lesson you will learn a little about the history and development of playing cards and you will use this information to design your own oversized King or Queen playing card. You will apply rotational symmetry/balance, unity, proportion, repetition and pattern principles of design in this lesson. 


Week 8 - Yachts at Sea

Artists show the illusion of distance and space on flat surfaces in a variety of ways. You will demonstrate the idea of space in this art piece by using the technique of varying the size of yachts in your seascape. Many elements of art and artists skills will be applied in this lesson as you paint, add texture, collage, draw and colour your yachts of different sizes.


Week 9 - Fauvist Portraits

Paintings often show the real world as it exists. Sometimes paintings can communicate other things such as feelings and emotions. The artists of the short lived art movement, Fauvism, painted bright, bold paintings that showed emotions and were not coloured as they would normally appear in the world. While we often see this type of art now in the past this was very controversial. You will think about and discuss how colours show emotions and feelings and then you will draw and paint a large portrait in the Fauvist style. This lesson will emphasize colour, shape, brush strokes blending and tints.


Week -10 Trout Pen and Wash

Clarence Park Class Only

Trout are fish that have lovely colours and spots on them. In this lesson you will work on watercolour paper in pen and wash developing your watercolour gradation skills. The emphasis will be on shape, line, colour washes and gradation in this lesson.


The Term 3 2016 art program offered at Black Forest Primary is 9 weeks in duration.

Week 10 is not offered due to early dismissal at the school.

Kids Art Zone reserves the right to digress from the published program and substitute alternative lessons.