WEEK 1 - Mother's Day

This week you will create a colourful art piece that will make a suitable gift for your mother. You will also make a lovely card to go with it. Obviously as it needs to be a surprise too much information can't be provided for this lesson!

WEEK 2 - Classic VW Combi Vans

The humble VW Combi Van has become a classic vehicle. Today you will learn about the history of these vehicles and also learn how to draw one using oil pastels and paint. The focus of the lesson will be on the art elements of line, shape, colour and texture.

WEEK 3 - Desserts

Wayne Theibaud is famous for his colourful art of common objects, particularly cakes and desserts. Learn how to draw and colour slices of cakes in the style of this famous artist. You will will work with soft pastels on black paper, again working with the art elements of line, shape, colour and space.

WEEK 4 - Paper Weaving

Learn how to weave using paper. Once you have mastered the basic weaving pattern extend yourself and try some of the various patterns presented in class. Finish the lesson by selecting your favourite pattern and weave a larger piece using coloured card. 

WEEK 5 - Leaves

Autumn is a time when we see leaves colouring, falling from trees and covering the ground like a carpet. Today you will look at a range of leaf shapes. Then you will choose your favourite shapes to draw in outline with oil pastels.  You will experiment making a range of tints with paint and use these tints to paint your leaves bringing your simple leaf outlines interest and complexity. In this lesson you will work with colour values as you learn how to mix tints. Should time permit you will paint a second piece based on atmospheric values.

WEEK 6 - Name Art

Create your own highly personalised abstract art based on your name. This lesson will have you working with lettering skills, colouring, cutting, collage and colour theory to make your abstract art.

WEEK 7 - Victorian House Architecture

View and learn about the characteristics of Victorian Houses. You will use this information to design and draw your own detailed Victorian house using the art elements of line, shape, pattern and perspective. 

WEEK 8 - Framed Sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower paintings are well known. Paint your own textured flowers in the style of Van Gogh before creating an ornate frame for your masterpiece. The focus of this lesson will be on colour, shape and texture. This work will need to be left to dry and framed the following week.

WEEK 9 - Pattern Collages

This lesson will be based on pattern. You will be guided to create a range of patterns using graph paper to provide structure. These completed patterns will be used for your patterned collage. During this lesson you will be extending your understandings of colour theory, pattern and collage.

WEEK 10 - Abstract Circles

Use your colour theory knowledge to fill squares with colourful circles. Remember warm and cool colours, primary and secondary, complementary colours, tints and shades. What colour knowledge will you demonstrate on this art piece? 

This lesson will only be taught at Clarence Park.


The Term 3 2015 art program offered at Black Forest Primary is 9 weeks in duration. Week 10 is not offered due to early dismissal at the school.

Kids Art Zone reserves the right to digress from the published program and substitute alternative lessons.