Clarence Park Program


During this lesson you will look at and discuss the floral still life art by some famous artists. Then you will create a vase of flowers collage using a variety of papers and materials. If you choose, this can be a gift for your mum.



You will develop a simple design to carve into your printing block today. Learn how to ink your block and print it onto brightly coloured paper. Your printed paper can be used to wrap your Mother’s Day gift or be kept as a piece of artwork. Finish this lesson by making your mum a card.



What type of car do you think will be great for the future? Design, draw and cut out this car to position it onto a landscape that you have chosen to create.



Colour and size can suggest near and far on a flat surface. You will draw and colour a landscape of rolling hills using soft pastels. You will blend the colours together to show distance before adding geometric shaped cardboard trees of different sizes to show distance in another way.



Sweets will inspire your giant artwork this week! This is a great opportunity to use soft pastels for bright colours, quick coverage and to further develop your blending skills.



This week bring in some of your favourite small toys to draw—nothing too precious please. We will talk about how artists look at what they are drawing. You will be instructed how to look and draw sections of toys and the whole toy. Be prepared to have some fun drawing with a paper plate on your pencil!



Cartooning is fun. Come and learn how to draw a cartoon style monster family. You will be guided step by step to create your unique family of monsters.



Vincent Van Gogh’s art is famous for its strong lines and textures. Using ‘Starry Night’ as inspiration you will produce your own art work using oil pastel and wash based on Vincent’s swirling style.



Did you know budgies originated in Australia? Wild budgies are green and black and live in huge flocks in outback Australia. The ones kept as pets have been bred in many different colours. This week learn how to draw the shape of a budgie then add patterns and texture to the plumage using coloured pencils. Finish your piece by drawing Australian foliage around the bird.




Try this lesson with a difference! Listen to dictation instructions to make this art piece based on the patterns in the art of Gustav Klimt. You will be amazed by the class’s range of finished art pieces. Each artwork will be different while still sharing the same elements—not like a written dictation at all!

Black Forest Primary Program

The Term 2 2015 art program offered at Black Forest Primary is 9 weeks in duration. Week 10 is not offered due to early dismissal at the school.


Kids Art Zone reserves the right to digress from the published program on rare occasions should students require additional time to complete a preceding lesson.