WEEK 1 (5 & 6 February) 

Chinese New Year is an important festival for Chinese communities around the world. There are twelve animals that characterise each New Year in turn. This is the Chinese Year of the Monkey. Learn to draw a monkey in today's art lesson and learn a little more about the story of the monkey.


WEEK 2 (12 & 13 February)

Hot on the heels of the the New Year celebrations comes Valentine's Day. Hearts and colours are the themes of today's lesson. Develop your skills creating colour tints using paint. You will paint a delightful heart on canvas paper highlighting your newly acquired tinting skills.


WEEK 3 (19 & 20 February)

Your name is the focus of this art lesson. Working with your name you will learn about single point perspective ( showing distance) to produce a colourful pencil piece of art that you will cut out and paste on black paper.


WEEK 4 (26 & 27 February)

Onomatopoeia. A strange and tricky word but a fun idea for an art lesson. Learn what this means and create your own onomatopoeia-tic art in primary colours using textas and collage. 


WEEK 5 (4 & 5 March)

This lesson has an Egyptian theme. Learn about Egyptian hieroglyphics and apply your new understandings using sharpies and watercolor paint.


WEEK 6 (11 & 12 March)

Cartooning and drawing caricatures is lots of fun. Learn how to draw a basic cartoon dog and then how to change some features to create a whole family of different looking dogs.


WEEK 7  (19 & 20 March)

Draw with glue and colour with soft pastels. This week you will work with glue as a drawing medium to outline and pattern two large Easter eggs. Vibrant soft pastel colours will be available for you to complete your art pieces.


WEEK 8 (25 & 26 March)

No classes are offered due to the Easter Weekend.


WEEK 9 (1 & 2 April)

Discover the fabric folk art of Panama this week. You will work in this folk art style using paper to make colourful and mesmerising molas like the Panamanians. 


WEEK 10 (8 & 9 April)

Koi fish feature is many Japanese art pieces. Learn to draw these fish from the point of view of looking down at them in a pond. Cut your koi out and glue them to a sheet you have painted to look like pond water. Fast workers can collage water lilies and leaves to add further interest.


WEEK 11 Clarence Park only (16 April)

Today you will look at the art of surrealist painter Miro. You will note the colours, shapes and textures used by Miro and use this as inspiration to create your own surrealist piece of art. 

Black Forest Primary Program

The Term 1 art program offered at Black Forest Primary is 9 weeks in duration. No class is programmed for Good Friday, 25 March and Week 10 is not offered due to early dismissal at the school.


Kids Art Zone reserves the right to digress from the published program on rare occasions.