Clarence Park Program

Week 1 

Learn about analogous colours and apply this new knowledge to create an analogous coloured cityscape. Sounds complicated but you will find it straightforward.


Week 2

It is Chinese New Year time this week. Learn about it as you create a colourful celebratory dragon.


Week 3

Work in the Pop Art style of artist Burton Morris to create a Valentine’s Day themed collage. 


Week 4

Learn how to mix paint tints and then use your new skills to mix tints for a monochromatic landscape with a sense of depth.


Week 5

Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa has been transported to modern day Australia. You will be provided with a picture of her face so you can give her modern clothes and set her against a modern background.

Week 6

Artists spend a lot of time looking at what they are going to draw or paint. In this lesson you will look at an apple and draw it with several different materials—pencil, charcoal, coloured pencils and soft pastels.


Week 7

Marc Chagall painted work based on dreams. This week you will use uniball pen and watercolour to make your own dreamy art piece based on Chagall’s style.


Week 8

Wow your family and friends with this country landscape based on colourful line.


Week 9

American Navajo Indians make beautiful patterned rugs. Learn about these indigenous Americans as you create your own patterned rug on card. 



Black Forest Primary Program

The Term 1 2015 art program offered at Black Forest Primary is 8 weeks in duration. Week 9 is not offered due to early dismissal at the school.


Kids Art Zone reserves the right to digress from the published program on rare occasions should students require additional time to complete a preceding lesson.