Wrapping Paper Smiles

This was lesson was a follow up to the collage flowers lesson. The children and I had so much fun. My youngest student had the biggest smile that it was almost coming off the edges of his face.

We started the wrapping paper by spraying large sheets of butcher paper with tempura paint in red, yellow, blue and green. If the paper was too wet the children blotted it dry. They then made a small printing block using printing foam that they learned to ink and print. It was a very busy lesson with children also making cards for their mums using buttons for decoration. So many elements were going on that only a few photos were captured of the work.

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Collage Flowers

My planned lesson was modified as I had an ah-ha moment and realised that the original plan would take at least two lessons for the children to complete and it wouldn't work at this time. So I kept to the theme of flowers and drew inspiration from Hundertwasser's lollipop trees and Kandinsky's concentric circles. There are many variations of lollipop tree lessons on the internet. This class did another version. They turned out vibrant and eyecatching and I hope the mum's enjoy their artistic Mother's Day gifts.

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