A new take on Mona

During this lesson the children learned a little about the extraordinary life and accomplishments of Leonardo Da Vinci. many children contributed their knowledge about Leonardo to what I presented to the group.

The lesson task I had planned was to place Mona Lisa in contemporary clothes in a modern setting. Most had their own ideas of how they wanted to dress and place Mona Lisa. This was wonderful so they did and produced some great art.

The children received photocopies of Mona Lisa's face and hands. If I do this lesson again I would only give them the face without the neck. Incorporating the hands proved a bit tricky on the size paper they had to work with and proved a point of confusion for some children.

Colour was added with coloured pencils, texts, sharpies, and watercolour paints.

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Paint and value

This lesson was drawn from Trees in Gradation by arteascuola. To ensure that the children had an understanding of what tints are and how to make them the class did an introductory exercise on mixing tints. It is always exciting for me to observe the children's sense of wonder as they discover that they can create a range of colours using just white and one colour.

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Lines and more lines

This was line activity was intended as a full lesson but sometimes students power through things much faster than planned. A back up lesson comes in handy! It also works the other way-they become so engaged in an activity that it may take two, even three lessons to complete.

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Fun with Marc Chagall

This was such a fun lesson for all the age levels in the classes. The class learned about the life and art of artist Marc Chagall before being instructed to create their own dreamlike art. Thanks to the Incredible @rt Department's lesson plan: Chagall Style Oil Pastels Drawing for the inspiration.

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Numbers inspired by Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns created art from everyday things like numbers, flags and maps. Kids are particularly familiar with numbers and from this confident position they can experiment with overlapping and exploring the qualities of the medium they are using. In this lesson children used soft pastels, many for the first time.

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